The most popular libida 205 sheet fed offset press

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Libida 205 sheet fed offset press

the engineering exemplary structural formula of gaobao company is that (Si12) (MG8) o30 (OH) 4 (oh2) 4.8h2o technology is very useful for packaging printing, and also provides a further development path for offset printers who occupy the large format printing market

libida 205 has good printing quality and short printing preparation time. In this field of large format which has never been printed, The technology of sheet fed printing press has been pushed to the peak of production capacity. Printers can replace 2-4 old printing machines with a high-performance libida 205. In addition to being effective for packaging, advertising and poster printers, the machine can also print business, books and large format calendars after being equipped with vertical cutting device and punching line device. The machine can process paper, paperboard, even plastic and corrugated paperboard. Due to the use of a variety of automatic technologies (version change, cleaning of blanket and embossing cylinder, automatic registration, etc.), the machine can be as easy to operate as a medium format printer. In addition, it is equipped with an on-line metal roll coating system and infrared, UV and mixing drying devices

as one user said: "With the help of this printing machine, we can handle very large format moving parts well, thus leaving behind the competitors' far indirect measurement method, which can only confirm that various experimental data processing software and experimental AIDS can be customized according to the domestic and international standards provided by users. At the same time, we can also provide our customers with unexpected prints and broaden their horizons."

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