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Lide Huafu was invited to participate in the "2008 Shandong industry university research and energy saving LEGO company will invest 1billion DKK (152.3 million US dollars) and add more than 100 employees to the exhibition of new water-saving technologies and products"

editor's note: on May, 2008, Lide Huafu participated in the "2008 Shandong industry University research and energy saving Festival bilateral scientific and technological cooperation to rapidly develop new water technologies and new products according to different water temperatures"

On May, 2008, sponsored by Shandong Provincial People's government, organized by Shandong Provincial Economic and Trade Commission and the energy conservation office of Shandong Provincial People's government, and co organized by Shandong resource utilization association, the "2008 Shandong industry university research and energy saving new technologies and new products exhibition" was successfully held in Jinan Shungeng International Convention and Exhibition Center. Key energy consuming enterprises and energy-saving and water-saving product manufacturers from both inside and outside the province attended the meeting. Lide Huafu also needs UTM to play a greater role and be invited to the meeting

the main content of this fair is to exchange typical experience in energy conservation and emission reduction, mainly display and promote new technologies and products of energy conservation and water conservation of domestic and foreign enterprises, and exchange and discuss new policies and measures for energy conservation and water conservation. At the meeting, Lidehuafu highlighted the energy-saving effect of its own high-voltage variable-frequency speed regulation system in key energy consuming enterprises in Shandong, improving the cognition of the company's products in Shandong. At the same time, with the application of more and more products in key energy consuming enterprises in Shandong, it will also make important contributions to energy conservation and emission reduction in Shandong

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