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Liaoning Mobile and beacon continued to innovate and completed the first single wave 400g transmission 1000km pilot project in China recently, China Mobile Liaoning Company (hereinafter referred to as Liaoning Mobile) jointly completed the first single wave 400g ultra long distance 1000km pilot project in China with beacon. This pilot project is based on Fenghuo's current FONST 6000 series products. Using the high-quality platform of the joint laboratory, the two sides selected the transmission path of about 1000km from Shenyang to Yingkou to Dalian to Dandong, and adopted the 400g ps16qam code type to complete the pilot project of single wave 400g ultra long distance without relay. This is another innovation in the optical network technology of both sides, marking that the 400g ultra long distance transmission scheme has been mature

in the past decades, the optical network has grown from nothing to good, supporting the emergence and popularization of a series of new technologies and applications, and greatly promoting the progress of human society. In the next decade, with the deployment of 5g, the popularization of Gigabit broadband, and the construction of IDC data center, the burst speed of network traffic is still higher than the pace of optical communication technology innovation. Network operators need to continue to innovate, adopt new technologies to expand their networks, and meet the growing demand for automotive seals, water cutting, wiper 5g and cloud integration while controlling costs. The key to this expansion is 400 Gigabit Ethernet (400g) technology

Liaoning Mobile United Fiberhome has focused on the investigation and analysis of 400g long-distance requirements. Based on Liaoning all optical network, it has introduced Fiberhome smart light and launched an innovative 400g OTN ultra long-distance solution. The solution mainly has the following outstanding capabilities:

large bandwidth: it uses high-performance DSP chips to effectively reduce the baud rate and realize single wave 400g transmission. Compared with the original 100g system, it has realized three times the capacity of single fiber system, Save 67% of backbone fiber resources. In addition, the use of silicon optical chips can achieve high-speed transmission and greatly reduce the single bit power consumption. It has the characteristics of strong performance and low energy consumption

long distance: through probability shaping technology and anti line nonlinear algorithm, 400g is deployed to break through 1000km long distance transmission for the first time, which not only improves the system capacity, but also reduces the investment in line relay

chensongtao, director of Fiberhome communications OTN product line:

Fiberhome and Liaoning Mobile are carrying out joint innovation of smart light and comprehensively promoting the deployment and upgrading of optical networks. At present, the optical network is at the key node of development, and 400g will become a catalyst for major transformation. With smart optical solutions, we will be committed to building the highest performance optical transmission solutions for the 400g era, and providing support for the digital transformation of economic society

Dai Hongsheng, general manager of Liaoning Mobile Management Center and transmission technology expert:

Liaoning Mobile United beacon completed the first pilot project of 400g ultra long distance transmission in the industry. The two sides have been committed to the breakthrough innovation of optical communication technology, promoting the deployment and upgrading of optical network, and building a digital China optical base. We hope to give full play to the leading edge of Liaoning Mobile 5g new infrastructure, which has fallen back in the past 19 years, Comprehensively support the digital transformation of various industries in Liaoning, and enable the high-quality development of emerging industries in Liaoning

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