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Liebherr Bauma China 2010 morning press conference: Liebherr mobile crane market status

Liebherr Bauma China 2010 morning press conference: Liebherr mobile crane market status

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Guide: Liebherr Bauma China 2010 morning press conference November 24, 2010 Liebherr mobile crane market status speaker dipl- Ing. (FH) Mr. Christoph Kleiner Mr. Christoph Kleiner, managing director Libo

Liebherr measured the stress change on the sample. Eingen crane factory (Germany)

ladies and gentlemen:

this is the second time I have come to China in just two months. I already feel at home. For example, before talking about the Chinese market of Liebherr mobile crane and Bauma China exhibition, please allow me to introduce the mobile crane business department and the current market situation

Liebherr mobile crane business department is located in Eingen, Germany, with a production plant of 200000 square meters, a total area of 840000 square meters and more than 2700 professional employees. The product range covers all surface mobile cranes, accounting for 75% of the total sales. At present, the business of this sector has a global market share of 50%. Another important product is the truss arm crawler crane, which is designed and manufactured in the Eingen plant with a lifting capacity of 350 tons to 3000 tons. In addition, we also produce truss boom mobile crane, telescopic boom crawler crane and telescopic boom truck mounted crane

despite the impact of the global financial crisis, we still invested as planned, including the expansion of the Eingen plant and the global market and service network. Two years ago, crawler and truss jib cranes were produced in the new plant. In March this year, an open 180000 square meter telescopic jib crane test site has been put into use. A new 11000 square meter departure area is under construction

a year ago, Liebherr told you that we set up new service branches in Australia, India, South China, Poland and Finland to provide services for mobile crane users. Now we have established a new construction machinery maintenance and logistics center near Moscow. The center opened on March 31 this year, and 150 workers have worked hard there

although the trend of overcoming the crisis has emerged in the field of construction machinery products, the mobile crane market still feels the impact of the crisis, and the recovery of the market situation is slightly slow. After the peak in 2008, the all terrain crane market in 2009 declined by 25%, and the global demand was only 2700. By 2010, the all terrain crane still showed a downward trend. We expect the global demand for the whole year to be about 1900

therefore, we are gradually reducing production. In 2010, Liebherr Eingen factory will deliver about 1200 sets of various crane products. What is gratifying is that we have noticed that Liebherr's all pavement market share has increased from 43% to 50%, which is due to our marketing strategy combination, including product quality, service, spare parts supply, customer value and long-term continuous cooperation policy

The crawler crane market of more than 300 tons has grown strongly in the past few years. Liebherr crawler crane has fully met the needs of customers with its excellent performance, economy and efficiency. This year, Eingen factory has produced nearly 70 large truss jib cranes, which is the highest in the past years. We firmly believe that Liebherr will always maintain the leading position in the market in this field

now, let me briefly introduce the development status of several important markets

the Brazilian business continued to be active in 2010, and it is expected that the market will continue to be active in 2011. Demand in Australia is also good. The Russian market experienced a sharp decline at the beginning of the economic crisis, and it also began to show positive growth again

unfortunately, the current sales in the European market are not very satisfactory. Weak demand in Spain, Hungary, Romania and Great Britain. Sales in Austria and France have consistently declined. The German market cooled down this year after strong demand in 2009

in 2009 and 2010, the power of emergency power supply in North American Mobile crane market should be greater than the total power of instruments, and the negative market trend directly led to the decline of crane demand

it is gratifying that we have heard positive voices from China. During the financial crisis in 2009, the Chinese government invested 4trillion yuan to stimulate domestic demand. The sales of Liebherr's large tonnage mobile cranes showed an increase compared with 2008 and increased again this year. In particular, driven by infrastructure construction projects, China's large tonnage crane market continues to grow. In addition, China actively promotes the development of new energy, and wind power has always been the sales growth point of 500t – 1200t large tonnage cranes

China has been an important market for large tonnage mobile cranes and crawler cranes for many years, especially in the past five years. The best selling mobile crane in China is the 500 ton, 84 meter telescopic boom ltm 1。 Now, the 9-bridge all terrain crane and the crawler crane with a telescopic boom of 100 meters and a lifting capacity of 1200 tons are unveiled to the public

2 ltms 1 has been put into use in China. One is Tianjin CLP large equipment installation engineering Co., Ltd., which also purchased China's first ltr11200 and made an appearance at the exhibition. The product is specially designed for wind power erection in wind farms. The crane can move from one wind tower to another in a narrow site. After the morning press conference, we will hold a user handover ceremony. Before we go upstairs for breakfast, I would like to invite everyone sitting here to join this happy moment

as I mentioned earlier, our investment is continuing. This year Liebherr machinery service (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. moved to a new location, enabling us to continuously expand the sales and service team to improve our service level

all the factors, including good product quality, service, practicality and good reputation, made us win two awards in the 2010 crane summit held in September this year: "the world's best mobile crane manufacturer". At the same time, Liebherr crane won the special contribution award "outstanding contribution award for all terrain crane" for its technological innovation, product performance, reliability and market leader

with the passage of time, Liebherr's mobile and crawler crane market has declined slowly this year, so flexible packaging manufacturers basically do not need 8%, about 160million euros. However, our production task is still relatively stable. At present, we have no plans to lay off staff or shorten working hours. The demand for large tonnage continues. We look forward to the increase of cranes of various tonnage by the middle of 2011

in the long run, driven by the construction of infrastructure, petroleum, chemical industry and wind power, we once again expect a solid demand for mobile cranes. The construction of nuclear power projects also shows the demand for large tonnage crawler cranes

to sum up the above, I would like to say that despite the recent market decline, the mobile crane business will still maintain its solid position in Liebherr group. We are a firm in technological innovation, which is attributed to our business model of facing customers directly, so that we can quickly reflect the needs of customers and the development of the market

thank you

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