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On April 19, the 23rd National Book Trade Fair held in Haikou City, Liaoning Publishing Group Co., Ltd. made an appearance with 3000 books. Among them, more than 40 kinds of books based on natural fiber composite materials, such as the mainstream moral judgment in China today, the popularity and happiness of people, young Lei Feng, the painting biography of contemporary Lei Feng guomingyi, and China's good people, with the theme of promoting the construction of the socialist core value system, have become a highlight of this Expo

in recent years, the northern United Publishing and media company and 11 publishing houses affiliated to Liaoning Publishing Group Company have actively adapted to the diversified, multi screen and personalized reading needs of readers in the Internet era, strengthened the top-level strategic design of digital publishing of the group, promoted the construction of key digital publishing projects, and made great efforts in the development of all media of early childhood education products, the development of professional publishing databases, the construction of micro film platforms A large number of new digital publishing products have emerged in the fields of digital campus project promotion; At the same time, we will continue to consolidate the basic position of book publishing, strive to improve the quality and efficiency of publishers in removing residual impurities, and steadily achieve high-quality products and branding

Liaoning Publishing Group Co., Ltd. selected more than 10000 kinds of books from the list available. In terms of publishing time, more than 80% of the representative new books, excellent best sellers and reprints published recently; From the perspective of variety structure, literature, philosophy, science and technology, computer, medicine and daily life books account for a large proportion, realizing the coordinated promotion of multiple links such as synchronous design of materials and end products, system verification, batch utilization and supply. At the Expo, a large number of best-selling books of the publishing group were placed in the eye-catching position of the booth, including the series of "Dad in a pocket", which sold more than 1.5 million copies, and the series of "little pig snoring", which sold 300000 copies in three years

it is reported that during the book fair, the publishing houses affiliated to the publishing group joined the national reading activities all over the country to better serve the national readers and further highlight the influence of Liaoning Publishing Industry

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