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In the medium term of Liaoning Province, the Shanghai Rubber Technology graph remained strong, and many orders continued to hold the

tocom rubber market, which was closed due to the adult Festival. From the perspective of the external environment, the US dollar and yen continued to fall, and the crude oil also fell in the short term. It is expected that the Japanese glue will open low, and the short-term TOCOM glue price is mainly oscillatory

in terms of spot rubber, the price of uss3 spot rubber in Thailand rose on Monday due to strong demand from Chinese buyers and expected to accelerate procurement before the Spring Festival. The market outlook is positive, as the main southern rubber planting area in Thailand entered the winter dry season earlier than expected, leading to the expectation that the latex supply will decline. This will support prices in the coming days or even weeks. Winter in Thailand usually begins in February and lasts until April. The rubber market of Aihe center has driven the demand for power batteries to increase rapidly. The spot rubber price of uss3 was reported at 79.72 baht per kilogram on Monday and 4 baht per kilogram before the afternoon of last Friday. Service life: 79.38 baht per kilogram

in terms of Shanghai Jiao, Shanghai Jiao rose slightly on Monday. 0805 closed at 24815 yuan in the auto VOC contract, up 285 yuan, increased 6126 positions, 57464 positions and 116822 transactions. On the whole, HuJiao still lacks certain popularity, but the performance of Technical Graphics is strong. The original multiple orders must continue to be held, with a target of 25000 yuan

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