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The pig manure treatment equipment can't afford

Zhang Feng and Zhang Qing are relatives and old neighbors for decades. According to Zhang Feng, the reason why the relationship is getting worse and worse is that a few years ago, Zhang Qing's family next door raised pigs, and the pig manure treatment equipment can't afford it

the pigs of Zhang Qing's family are raised in the shed built behind his house. As his neighbor, Zhang Feng's life naturally has a certain impact. He dares not to open the window behind him all year round. And because the place where the pigs are raised is close to a river in the village, Zhang Feng said that even the river was polluted. There is no environmental protection, no pig manure treatment equipment. After Zhang Feng's house, the reporter did see that the river was seriously polluted, and there were especially many mosquitoes

Zhang Feng told reporters that his son is now in his twenties, and several people have been introduced. It is because of the pig breeding next door that he became yellow. People think the sanitation around his home is too poor. Pig, why not find pig manure treatment equipment

men have been dating for many times because their neighbors raise pigs and make soup. The girl dislikes poor sanitation.

last week, something happened that made the Zhang Feng family more angry. Pig feces were dumped in front of his house. Outside Zhang Feng's house, the reporter saw a place where feces were indeed piled, but it was on the corner of Zhang Qing's house

Zhang Feng insisted that the place where the feces were stacked was his home, and to say the least, even if it was not his home, the feces were stacked here, which smelled bad, so I'm afraid it was inappropriate. The manufacturer of pig manure treatment equipment nodded, which was really a little smelly (not a little)

Zhang Feng said that he had called 110 and also called village cadres, but there had been no results. In this regard, the Zhang Qing family said that they were fertilizing, rather than stacking feces there -- pig manure treatment equipment

at the scene, the reporter did not smell the odor of feces, but with 70 or 80 pigs, did the Zhang Qing family really not affect the surrounding environment? Led by Zhang Qing, the reporter followed him to see the septic tank

but Zhang Feng didn't buy Zhang Qing's statement. He said that the pig factory of Zhang Qing's family was built on the river, how could it have no impact on the river

in this regard, Zhang Zhong, Secretary of the village committee of Erjia village, Jiuhua Town, Rugao City, told reporters that what Zhang Qing piled up in the corner was indeed feces, but this feces was of other uses. But it also needs to be treated with pig manure treatment equipment

but the weather is getting hotter and hotter, and it's really inappropriate to pile feces there. Secretary Zhang Zhong also said that the pig farm of Zhang Qing's family has indeed had a certain impact on the river. I have talked with the family and have done ideological work, requiring that the feces be discharged into the livestock manure tank and then treated with pig manure treatment equipment

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Secretary Zhang Zhong said that the "263" project is mainly for the treatment of livestock and poultry manure. If the Zhang Qing family does have non-compliance, they will never be soft hearted. If the pig farm regulation is not in place, it will be removed. Therefore, we should quickly customize the pig manure treatment equipment




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