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Facing the hustle and bustle of the city, people are more eager for a quiet and comfortable time. A comfortable and quiet environment under normal circumstances. It is necessary to control the indoor sound at 30-40 dB. Finished a busy day's work

facing the hustle and bustle

urbanites are more eager for a quiet and comfortable time


a comfortable and quiet environment

indoor sound should be controlled at 30-40 dB

after a busy day's work

close a door

just want to relax wholeheartedly

▲ 'static' because of you - the choice of Chinese aluminum alloy doors and windows, the influential brand of beautiful doors and windows

but the outside world is noisy, Noise everywhere

noise generated by busy roads 80dB

noise generated by train driving 90dB

noise generated by engineering construction 110dB

noise generated by aircraft passing 120dB

with the continuous improvement and upgrading of "sound insulation" technology

we can isolate the noise source through doors and windows

to create a high-quality silent residence

this can meet the urban people's pursuit of low-voltage and leisure life

and keep people's home life away from the noise

beautiful choice doors and windows - create energy-saving silent doors and windows with ingenuity

on the premise of ensuring excellent comprehensive performance of products,

beautiful choice takes silent technology as a breakthrough

to conduct in-depth research

high dimensional optimization is carried out on product profiles, insulating glass

sealant strips, and hardware accessories

reasonable collocation

makes the mute effect of doors and windows

more ideal

in addition, creating a quiet home environment

is not only the true auditory feedback

but also the same echo in the visual sense

meizhixuan doors and windows integrate extremely simple style in the product design concept

simple and pure, concise lines, without unnecessary decoration

add a little elegance to the space, and let the home have a quiet and comfortable environment

let the breadth of noble life be extended

let people have a more comfortable and romantic leisure space

introduce nature into residence, let the sun bathe in life

have transparent contact with the starry sky, and have a close dialogue with the wind and rain

is the choice of the beauty of Guangdong aluminum alloy doors and windows brand. Doors and windows continue to advocate and transmit the concept of life

beautiful life, and the choice of beauty is with you




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