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Although the dog days have not yet come, with the arrival of the beginning of autumn, people still feel a more comfortable climate change. It has always been regarded as the peak season of home decoration, and the coming “ Gold nine silver ten ” What kind of lively scene will be set off in the home decoration market

in the past half a year, there have been a lot of annoying and annoying incidents of home decoration. The news of the company's running away and closing down continues, and many consumers are deterred from home decoration services where problems often occur. One side is the continuous collapse of low-quality home improvement companies. On the other side, in the fluctuating market, all home improvement brands left after the shuffle and elimination have also entered a warm-up state, either taking the failed brands as a warning to avoid risks, or sticking to their own unique position, or opening up their hands and feet to broaden the layout to consumers. In this season when summer is not over and autumn has arrived, They also took out their own “ New play ”. As for whether it will be fruitful in autumn or grow into cold branches in winter, let's wait and see

stick to the upgrading of quality service

the old brand also has a new look

this store is closed, and the capital chain is broken. In the past two years, the volatile home decoration market seems to have defeated many enterprises, but the peak of the old home decoration company is a special case. In the first half of this year, Yezhifeng not only had a booming business, but also had one of the highest output values in Beijing. It also launched its brand “ China home decoration flagship store ”. It gathers 94 first-line mainstream main material brands, with 5 parallel studios and 7 style negotiation rooms, focusing on providing private customized hardcover for elite groups. Relying on the high standard and good reputation of the blue diamond project, create a personalized and environmentally friendly home environment for consumers. With the opening of the autumn decoration season, there will be many new actions in the second half of the year

Li Pengfei, deputy general manager of Yezhifeng decoration Beijing Branch, said that on August 18, the 10th Yezhifeng environmental protection home decoration art festival will be opened in the new flagship store to continue to maintain customer groups with service and quality. At that time, 18 environmental protection processes involving water, electricity, wood, tile, oil and other types of work, including water supply pipeline thermal insulation technology, double-layer insulation circuit construction technology, formaldehyde purification gypsum board construction technology, wall tile thin pasting technology, will be comprehensively upgraded, and 18 environmental protection materials will also be upgraded in quality. Look at this posture, it's done “ Gold nine silver ten ” Preparation for a tough battle. In addition to the regular business of fenggehui, Yezhifeng Beijing Branch has also quietly expanded its subordinate sectors in this year, and detailed businesses such as local decoration and small commercial space decoration have officially begun to receive orders. Whether the new field can be as fruitful as the signboard plate may be revealed by the end of the year

plough deeply into the old houses and rush to the decoration

escorted by its own factories

in the consumer feedback received in succession by Guangsha times, the decoration of old houses often gives consumers a headache. There are many obstacles in the transformation of hydropower and the transformation, demolition, reconstruction and renewal of old structures. There is wisdom and Kung Fu in every link

in the home decoration market, say you can do “ Renovation of old houses ” There are indeed many, but few can implement the details and quality. Having gone through the road of 10-year-old house decoration, today's decoration not only explores the old house, but also opens the China old house decoration museum to consumers. At the same time, it is understood that Hebei Hangu Yingmai home furnishing Industrial Park, which currently invests hundreds of millions of yuan in decoration and plans to cover an area of more than 80000 square meters, has entered the capping stage. In cooperation with Jintian Haomai group, it is intended to bring the furniture industry 4.0 non landing production line under its control, so as to better produce and manufacture cabinets, wooden doors, customized furniture and other products, so as to provide consumers with packaged services. It is worth mentioning that in order to make it easier for owners with old houses to renovate, a furniture storage area has been established for consumers today. The old furniture and household sundries in the old house can be placed in the current storage area and moved back home after the construction is completed

in fact, at present, there are not a few home decoration companies in the market that launch the whole decoration mode, with the name of “ Whole house customization ” The brand whose flag entices consumers to pay is fierce. On the one hand, traditional home decoration companies and Internet emerging enterprises have extended their tentacles to the field of furniture and soft decoration. On the other hand, customized home brands have penetrated into the construction link, and their desire to win the work of consumers' homes has become the goal and direction of more and more enterprises. Of course, it is a good thing to save consumers' worry. The premise is to be able to move high-quality and guaranteed furniture products to consumers' homes with solid basic skills. In “ Three noes ” Put a label on the product, casually find a OEM to make a piece of furniture, and no one is responsible for the after-sales of the product &hellip& hellip; The various problems encountered by consumers are also an important reason for the self destruction of home decoration companies. If we can have a standard and solid factory manufacturing end on the basis of rigorous and reliable construction, and be responsible for the home of consumers, it is not a problem

local renovation rooted in the community

consumers can find it around

under the situation of industry cooling, many home decoration companies have begun to take charge of everything. Behind the eyebrows and beards, there is a bad situation that construction quality is difficult to guarantee and complaints and disputes occur frequently. At this time, consumers often have the simplest needs, but they are often tossed for the first three times by various models and packages of home decoration companies

after building the first home decoration mall store in heshenghui at the end of last year, 50 home decoration stores with complete cases have entered the community again, and three community stores have been opened in Wangjing, Asian Games Village and Huafang Yicheng successively to provide consumers with grounding services such as wall renovation, partial decoration of kitchen and bathroom. CEO Chen Wei said that many home decoration companies are eyeing community stores, but not many can really go deep. Since fifty companies want to do business around consumers, they must be humane& ldquo; We should not only do the work well, but also do it well and put it into the hearts of consumers& rdquo; Guangsha times learned that in addition to undertaking local renovation and home decoration, 50 community stores also set up regular open days to provide free home decoration services for surrounding owners and free water and electricity testing of old houses. If problems are found, various maintenance services can be provided to eliminate various potential safety hazards. Mengyuqi, the head of the marketing planning of 50 home improvement projects, said that at present, Beiyuan and Caoqiao community stores are under construction, and the plan to open 20 new stores this year is being gradually implemented. At the same time, products and technologies are also being upgraded iteratively, and the new products of the whole case of home decoration may be released in September

the weather is slowly getting cooler. For consumers who want to tidy up their houses but don't want to go to war, it may be most suitable to guard the community store at the door of their home and enjoy professional and considerate local decoration services. However, "Guangsha era" still needs to remind that kitchen and bathroom spaces involve complex water and electricity transformation projects. From construction to materials, we can't be vague. Both home decoration companies and consumers have to be very careful

standards are designed and upgraded first

rush all the way to more possibilities

it seems that there are always layers of traps behind the diversified and rich package options. It sounds that behind the professional and rigorous standardized construction, there is often a lack of personality and innovation &hellip& hellip; If you want to meet the standard construction quality, the duration of the construction period, and also want more beautiful and fashionable main materials and design schemes, in the face of escalating consumer demand and aesthetic demand, some previously conservative home decoration companies began to quietly plan for product upgrading

position yourself in “ Standardized home decoration ” Among them, love space has not fallen behind the trend of personalization and customization, and will soon launch new home decoration products “ Matrix1”, Intended to be “ Customize your home in a standardized way ”. For consumers, the intuitive changes of this new product of love space will be reflected on the basis of standardized construction, and the optional space of main materials and design schemes will be broader and richer. In other words, all kinds of main materials in the love space set meal will split into more possibilities due to different colors and styles, and will not let “ Every home looks the same ”. On the other hand, in the view of love space, with “ Standardization ” At the end of the day, the main materials selected by consumers, from the product itself to the service process, are included in the love space information project management system, ensuring the certainty of product quality and process

incredibly home, which has always maintained a high degree of enthusiasm and attention for design, is also gradually innovating and upgrading in the field of home decoration. On the basis of the existing home decoration products such as happy house and fast house, the decoration will be included in the maker space, and efforts will be made to build platform designers. Through training, interaction and other ways, the level of designers will be further improved, so as to better provide design and decoration services for consumers

indeed, many home decoration companies lost “ Design ”. It is not enough to only meet the high-quality construction level. Being able to provide personalized and customized home solutions has become the key condition for home decoration companies to occupy an important position in the market. Of course, consumers should also pay attention to taking care of the design while avoiding being deceived by fancy surface skills. On the basis of ensuring construction quality and after-sales service, they should choose their favorite design schemes and main materials

the technology industry specializes in taking care of details

considerate service adds points to the experience

regardless of various playing methods and product models of different home decoration companies, the demand segmentation in the home decoration market alone is complex and diverse enough, including rough houses, old houses, small houses, large houses, bungalows, villas &hellip& hellip; For different types of decoration needs of consumers, some home decoration companies insist on continuous exploration and research in the same field

while focusing on project management, Shangceng decoration, which has always served the villa, has recently been launched “ Executive Housekeeper ” Services. From the design stage to the construction stage, consumers can effectively solve the problems in the project process through the whole process communication and service of the customer service specialist. After the decoration is completed and the owner moves in, the Shangceng Housekeeper will provide a series of services such as villa mechanical and electrical maintenance, villa cleaning and maintenance, and villa renovation

while providing decoration services for consumers, it integrates the brand's understanding of life, and embeds humanized design and services into additional products, which has become a bonus for many home decoration companies to win the trust of consumers. Of course, everything “ Plug in ” The service is still based on the dedication and professionalism of the old bank. After all, the intimate premise is not to let consumers block their hearts, and the fitting out process that can't find faults with considerate additional services is often more capable of persuading consumers

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