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What should we pay attention to about Feng Shui in the hallway? What are the precautions for Feng Shui fish? Now, Xiang'an Pavilion will introduce you to the relevant articles about the decoration of hallways and Feng Shui

What's the stress of hall aisle decoration and Feng Shui

precautions for Hall aisle decoration and Feng Shui

◆ hall aisle decoration and Feng Shui - location

in Feng Shui, no matter where the entrance is, it can't be directly opposite to the gate. The same is true in the hallway. If the entrance of the hallway is facing the gate, there will be evil spirit, or the evil spirit from outside the house will enter the house through the gate, which will have an impact on the health of the people living in the house or their work fortunes

if the entrance of the hallway is facing the door, people living in the house will become irritable, often accompanied by inexplicable femininity. This will not only endanger the feelings between family members, but also affect the work efficiency and interpersonal relationships outside. Therefore, the entrance of the hallway should not be directly opposite to the gate. (Feng Shui)

◆ hall aisle decoration and Feng Shui - light

in Feng Shui, the long and dark aisle is called "Yin dragon", which is very bad for luck. On the one hand, it will cause inconvenience to traffic, on the other hand, it will affect health

moderate light is the guarantee for anger to run in the aisle. Therefore, the light in the corridor must be kept bright, which can promote the flow of gas in the corridor and avoid the formation of retention. Cause the corridor to feel dead. It can also prevent people living in houses from absorbing too much negative energy and forming mental depression

◆ hall aisle decoration and Feng Shui - garbage can location

in Feng Shui, the location of sharp corners is regarded as a place with heavy evil spirit. Therefore, if you want to place garbage cans on the hallway, the best place is in the corner of the hallway. This can also play a role in weakening the evil spirit. Garbage cans are also places that are easy to produce evil spirits. In order to avoid foul gases rushing down the aisle to all parts of the house, it is best to choose garbage cans with their own covers

◆ hall aisle decoration and Feng Shui - ceiling

there are 4 pages in total. The first page is 1234. The beam on the next page is the place in the comparison of evil spirits in Feng Shui. Therefore, when decorating the hall aisle, we should pay attention to avoiding the appearance of beam in the aisle

if the beam appears in the hallway, it will affect the visual beauty on the one hand. On the other hand, it will also have an invisible sense of oppression on people living in houses

The evil spirit produced by will also make people's work difficult, which is easy to cause some work resistance, thus affecting the progress of work. Therefore, in the resolution method of the beam. False ceilings or suspended ceilings can be installed to hide beams

what should Feng Shui pay attention to when decorating the hallway? How to resolve it

1. Light in the hallway

although the area of the hallway as a public activity area is very small, a throat area in and out, a bright one, is conducive to the flow of anger, avoid retention, and give people a dull feeling. In geomantic omen, the long and dark corridor is generally called "Yin dragon". The Dragon entering the first belongs to Yin, which is easy to gather Yin Qi, which will adversely affect the health of family members. On the other hand, it is not convenient to pass

therefore, the hallway should be well lit. Generally, the natural lighting of the hallway is less than that of the living room and balcony, so more lighting is needed. It is best to use lamps with single color or oneortwo ceiling lamps for lighting. Too many colors of lighting are easy to make people uneasy

it is suggested that the light is a fluorescent lamp with yellow light. In Feng Shui, the yellow light attribute is Yang, which can add Yang Qi to the corridor and play a role in driving away cold and refreshing

2. The ceiling of the hallway

the beam is a place of heavy evil in Feng Shui, so the situation of "beam pressing the top" should also be avoided during the decoration of the hallway. If the beam appears in the hallway, it will affect the visual beauty on the one hand. On the other hand, it will also have an invisible sense of oppression on people living in houses

The evil spirit produced by will also make people's work difficult, which is easy to cause some work resistance, thus affecting the progress of work

if this happens to happen in the hallway of your home, you can hide the beam through the ceiling, so as to resolve this adverse Feng Shui. Pay attention to the ceiling of the hallway:

1 The ceiling should be high rather than low. The high ceiling can ensure the smooth circulation of air and improve the fate of the house. On the contrary, the low ceiling is easy to give people a sense of oppression, and the psychological impact is very similar to the beam

there are 4 pages in total. The first page is 1234. The next page is 2 The ceiling should be "square". It means that the shape of the ceiling includes the shape of lamps, preferably prototype or square. In Feng Shui, the former symbolizes perfection, and the latter symbolizes squareness and stability, which are both beautiful implications that everyone pursues

3. Decoration of hallways

there are many Feng Shui decorative objects in hallways. Feng Shui is generally related to the attributes of the objects themselves, not the more the number of objects and the larger the volume, the better Feng Shui. On the contrary, the decorative volume of the hallway is not suitable to be too large, because the hallway itself belongs to a small and narrow area. If the decorative volume is too large, it will appear that the hallway is more narrow

in addition, decorative objects are not suitable for placing in large quantities. Usually, placing a geomantic ornament is enough

hall aisle decoration and Feng Shui need to know

1. The ceiling should be high rather than low. If it is too low, there will be a sense of oppression, indicating that the occupants are difficult to stand out and are suppressed

2. The space between the walls should be solid at the bottom and virtual at the top. The lower half of the porch facing the door should be decorated with good brick walls or boards. As a template, the upper half can be decorated with bright decorative materials, such as frosted glass

3. The floor should be flat and glossy. There are many patterns. Auspicious patterns are better. It must not be a diamond shaped and angular figure

4. The light in the porch is a very important content. It can adjust the health and wealth of the family. The light should not be too bright, otherwise it will be dazzling and affect the nerves when you enter the door. It can't be too dark. One day it will attract the Yin spirit, and the other will make the luck decay. It's better to choose a round lamp instead of a triangle lamp

5. It is better not to put plants in the porch

6. If you place a mirror in the porch, you can't face the door, which will reflect the good fortune and wealth from the door. Do not stick lenses on the top of the porch, which will make people feel top heavy and overturn the world

7. A house with a small space area is not suitable for setting a porch. Setting a porch will only reduce the residential space and make it more crowded. For residential Feng Shui, the space in the house is too small, which is not conducive to the luck of the family

8. The distance between the gate and the wall is too small. Because the porch is placed, it affects the air flow, which directly affects the wealth into the home

9. The door of the home is on the "ghost gate line", and it is not suitable to set a porch in its southwest

10. Do not set a porch in the direction of your birth stars

there are four pages in total, the first page 1234 the next page

feng shui knowledge of the bathroom in the bedroom

how to arrange the Feng Shui in the bathroom in the bedroom

1. The location of the bathroom

as the source of the filth in the bedroom, we must pay attention to the location of the bathroom: the bathroom should not be in the center of the bedroom, so as to prevent the center from being polluted. The center of the room is the center of gravity of the house, which is as important as the human heart. The center is polluted, and the foul gas is easy to flow to other rooms. Living in it, you can breathe a lot of foul gas every day, which is easy to get diseases; Moreover, the bathroom in the center of the house must have poor lighting. In addition, the bathroom is originally a place with a lot of water, and the humid air is stuffy indoors, which is easy to breed bacteria, which is certainly detrimental to health

2. Position of toilet

the position of toilet should be concealed. If the bathroom is large, it is best to arrange the toilet in a position that cannot be seen from the bathroom door, hidden behind the low wall, screen or curtain, and it is best not to see it from the mirror. Try to close the toilet cover at ordinary times

3. Use appropriate colors

the five elements of the bathroom belong to water, so the color of the bathroom is best to choose gold white and water black and blue, which is elegant and can produce a sense of tranquility. Light green, light yellow, light blue, milky white, etc. also give people a refreshing and comfortable feeling, which is more suitable for use in the bathroom. You should avoid using harsh colors such as bright red, which will make toilet users irritable

4. Use plants to dissolve filth

green plants are placed in the toilet to dissolve the filth of the toilet, but because the toilet is wet and the temperature difference between cold and warm is large, it is not very beneficial to the growth of many plants. When choosing green plants, you must pay attention. It is best to choose plants that like darkness. Potted decoration can add natural interest, which is suitable for planting ornamental green plants with moisture resistance, such as ferns, vertical plants, goldenrod, etc. Of course, if the bathroom is spacious, bright and air-conditioned, you can plant more colorful plants such as pineapple, taro, Cymbidium and so on

precautions for Feng Shui layout of the bathroom in the bedroom

1. Do not build a basin in the bathroom in the bedroom

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