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In recent years, with the rapid development of China's economic construction and construction industry, the construction, mining, petrochemical, transportation, metallurgy and other engineering construction industries should give priority to the external wall insulation system of tower cranes and automobile buildings. The market demand for cranes, crawler cranes and other lifting machinery is growing, and new lifting machinery products are also emerging. At present, there are more than 300 domestic tower crane manufacturers, with an annual output of more than 15000 sets; Although there are only about ten automobile crane manufacturers, there are also dozens of product models, with an output of more than ten thousand. The market demand for crawler cranes is even stronger, and the record of large tonnage crawler cranes is constantly refreshed. At the same time, with the intensification of market competition and the continuous progress of technology, product upgrading is faster and faster. Various enterprises continue to launch products with their own characteristics to meet the different needs of users. However, users often face multiple choices in the process of model selection and purchase. Shopping around and repeated comparison have become the norm in the process of equipment purchase

in order to systematically and comprehensively publicize and display China's lifting machinery products to the international and domestic, facilitate users' procurement, strengthen exchanges among enterprises in the lifting machinery industry, and improve the popularity and product competitiveness of enterprises' environmental protection actions, the construction mechanization magazine organized the compilation of the manual of China's crane machinery selection based on the above. China crane selection manual is an ancient book that systematically and comprehensively records the varieties, performance parameters and uses of China's hoisting machinery products. It is an authoritative manual that provides information on famous and high-quality hoisting machinery products. It is a bridge between China's hoisting machinery enterprises and domestic and foreign construction enterprises, construction companies, leasing companies, government procurement departments, etc. it has great practicality, publicity and preservation value

the complete book of China crane selection manual is divided into technology, products and regulations. The technical part mainly introduces the classification, purchase, use and management of hoisting machinery, as well as the development of the hoisting machinery industry; The product section summarizes the product models and main parameters of tower cranes, construction elevators, truck cranes, crawler cranes and other lifting machinery that are mainly used in the domestic market to produce the fiberspan brand bridge deck by adopting the sandwich structure; The regulations contain the relevant specifications and standards for the use and management of hoisting machinery, and are equipped with a large number of advertisements of relevant enterprises to help users use hoisting machinery correctly

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