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The monthly sales of Heidelberg consumables in the United States must be repaired in time at this time. The sales volume exceeded $1.1 million for the first time.

according to Heidelberg USA, the sales volume of 10 Heidelberg consumables in the United States exceeded $1.1 million in 2001. This is the best performance since Heidelberg entered the United States a year and a half ago

the sales revenue of consumables in October increased by 21% compared with that in September. Among them, the following types of products have the largest growth in HUS region:

proofing sales: an increase of 93%

blanket sales: an increase of 35%

ps version: an increase of 37%

sm 74 Di printing plate: an increase of 17%

the vast majority of Heidelberg consumables are sold under the brand of Heidelberg, Its development and production process is completed in cooperation with international leading consumable manufacturers. All high-tech plastic Heidelberg brand consumables products that produce Durethan and pocan brands are provided with service and support by secai Wen Heidelberg company, which enhances Heidelberg's traditional high-quality "value-added" solutions and excellent customer service support

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