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According to the news on April 17, China Mobile's video revenue last year exceeded 1billion yuan. According to sources, China Mobile's national video revenue last year reached 1.07 billion yuan, while the revenue of China Mobile's video base in 2010 was more than 500million yuan, and the figure in 2009 was 170million yuan. It is reported that since the establishment of the video base in 2005, the number of users and revenue of China Mobile's video business have doubled every year

since april1,2009, China Mobile has exempted the data traffic fee of video services. Users only need to pay the corresponding per view fee or monthly information fee to watch video services. Among several telecom operators, China Mobile is also the first to make an attempt to 'exempt traffic charges', which has promoted business development

after removing the cover plate, pull out the oil supply plastic hose and fill it with a bucket. In addition, China Mobile recently launched the drive system in Shanghai: the third g-guest g-shot, and held a licensing ceremony for the original video incubator of Shanghai mobile base. It is understood that the operation mode of g-ke-g-pai is that the video author uploads to the China mobile video platform the video created by himself, in which LG, SK and meimeike all purchased the 3-yuan material patent authorization from 3m, and charges 2 yuan for each on-demand video with or without clear distinction. Finally, the author can get 20% of the box office share

this year, the number of cooperative operators of g-guest and g-shoot activities has increased compared with previous years, including China network television, Tudou, Youku, Sina, Sohu, Qiyi, etc., and a new way of school enterprise alliance has been set up. Communication industry

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