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The Ministry of Health issued the hygienic management specifications for bulk food recently, the Ministry of Health issued the hygienic management specifications for bulk food, which will be implemented in early 2004, setting rules for bulk food

bulk food refers to food, food raw materials and semi-finished products without pre packaging, but does not include fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as raw grain, fresh frozen livestock and poultry products with low test repeatability and aquatic products that need to be processed after cleaning

the rules closely related to consumers in the management specification are: bulk food is sold by specially assigned personnel, and sorting and packaging services are provided for consumers. Sales personnel must hold valid health certificates and wear masks, gloves and hats during operation. The food sold must be covered with new URL materials, provided with isolation facilities to ensure that the food cannot be directly touched by consumers, and provided with signs prohibiting consumers from touching. The operator must provide consumers with small packages that meet the hygiene requirements. The bulk food for consumers to taste directly when new thermoplastic materials appear in the battery exhibition shall be clearly distinguished from the food sold, and shall be marked with the words that can be tasted. It is forbidden to mix and sell foods of different production dates. Bulk food beyond the shelf life shall not be reprocessed and sold. The operator or the manufacturer and seller shall be responsible for destroying and keeping relevant records

a relevant person from the Ministry of Health said that the reason why this management standard has a low technical level is that some food supermarkets and shopping malls have many hidden dangers of secondary pollution in the process of operating bulk food, such as the lack of proper protective measures in the sales process, the lack of traceability of bulk food sold, etc

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