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The MMA project to be invested and constructed by the imperial group has been recognized.

the 90 film blowing machine in the Shanghai Chemical Industry Park has been continuously upgraded, and the supporting project of the 10000 ton ethylene project has added a new force. The world's largest MMA producer, British Imperial group, will invest 162million US dollars to build MMA project in the chemical industry park. Recently, the project has obtained a pass issued by the State Planning Commission

it is reported that MMA is an important organic chemical raw material, which is mainly used to produce plexiglass, resin and additives, and has a wide range of uses. In recent years, MMA products in Asia have been in short supply, and the demand gap mainly depends on imports from Europe and the United States due to domestic and foreign troubles

the rise of Shanghai Chemical Industry Park, especially the official launch of the 900000 ton ethylene project, provides MMA manufacturers with a platform to develop MMA and downstream product business in China. It is reported that the project is designed to be naturally cooled in still air to room temperature, with an annual output of 90000 tons. The project will start construction early next year. It is expected that the supply and demand of domestic MMA will be effectively improved after it is completed and put into operation

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