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The model project of charging station was completed, and the first batch of BYD pure electric intelligent dump truck in the world started large-scale demonstration operation (attached figure)

driven by the first batch of large-scale demonstration operation in the world, BYD and Shenzhen once again seized the commanding heights of industrial development and led the transformation of the global new energy heavy truck industry in the field of pure electric heavy dump truck with high-tech threshold. 9. Mixer power: 16W

the completion of the first batch of model projects of charging station

breaking the bottleneck of the promotion of pure electric dump trucks

in recent months, in order to ensure the large-scale promotion and application of pure electric dump trucks, with the active participation and suggestions of the majority of user units, BYD has cooperated with charging pile companies such as garage piles, Shenzhen electric energy sales, Nanfang Heshun, in Nanshan, Bao'an, Longhua, Longgang, Pingshan, Dapeng The first batch of 14 model projects of dredger charging stations have been completed in 7 districts of Yantian, which can meet the charging demand of 500 dredgers. Among them, the garage electric pile at the ceremony site Vanke fifth Park charging station is equipped with 6 sets of double gun fast charging piles to meet the charging needs of 30 dump trucks, covering the muck transportation projects such as Metro Line 10, line 14, line 17, Luohu shed renovation, Buji sports center and real estate within 20 kilometers. The completion of the first batch of charging station model projects in Shenzhen and the completion and use of more charging stations in the later stage provide a solid guarantee for the large-scale operation of pure electric intelligent dredgers and facilitate the large-scale use of pure electric dredgers by users

take the municipal engineering of huanancheng metro station of Metro Line 10 as an example. The site is about 10 kilometers away from Vanke fifth Park charging station. The dump truck is responsible for transporting the wet muck produced in the construction along the metro line to the muck center of South China city for static transfer, and then to the muck wharf after drying. The five BYD pure electric intelligent dump trucks configured on the construction site only need to go to Vanke fifth Park charging station once a day, and use two guns to quickly charge for 1.5 ~ 2 hours. Five pure electric dredgers transport more than 1000 cubic meters of muck every day, which is equivalent to the traditional oil-fired dredgers in the ratio of 1:1. It can not only meet the needs of all day muck transportation on the construction site, but also create rich profits for users through the price difference between oil and electricity. It is estimated that the annual operating mileage of a dredger at the site is about 50000 km, the fuel consumption of ordinary fuel oil dredgers is 50L per 100 km, and the oil price is about 6.75 yuan/l, while BYD's pure electric intelligent dredger consumes about 138 kwh per 100 km, with an average electricity price of 1.2 yuan. Compared with ordinary fuel oil dredgers, 86000 yuan can be saved per year due to the price difference between oil and electricity

trial operation performance won high praise from users

equipped with a number of global leading core technologies

since the trial operation was carried out in Dapeng new area and Pingshan District in May, the operation effect of BYD pure electric dredger has been highly praised by users and drivers. The data shows that the comprehensive range of BYD's pure electric intelligent dredger is 283km, with 10% of the remaining power. The pure electric dredger has the advantages of simple operation, low working intensity, sufficient power, obvious economic and environmental benefits, and its adaptability, technical quality, safety and reliability exceed the user's expectations. At the same time, intelligent configurations such as intelligent monitoring, fatigue driving behavior monitoring, vehicle deviation warning, blind zone monitoring and radar monitoring systems carried by vehicles greatly alleviate driver fatigue, improve vehicle driving safety, and facilitate the daily management of user units

BYD t10zt pure electric intelligent dredger, overall size 9610mm × 2550mm × 3210mm, with a full load range of more than 280 km. It seems that this is due to the lack of knowledge and understanding of material properties, resulting in a 50% grade climbing. According to the requirements of Shenzhen technical regulations, the vehicle is equipped with a new U-shaped cargo box, which provides two options of closed systems: the flat push folding top cover and the rocker integral forward moving top cover. T10zt is equipped with a number of global leading or industry-leading core technologies of BYD. First, it adopts the world's first electric integrated axle assembly technology and is equipped with 180kW dual motors +4amt variable speed +16 ton axle to achieve different power output and improve driving efficiency and economic benefits; Second, the industry's first six in one integrated controller is adopted, which integrates the functions of driving motor control, high-voltage power distribution, steering motor control, making this batch of connectors, namely, the control of unqualified pneumatic compressors, and two-way DC inverter; Thirdly, the battery pack with high safety standard is adopted, and the power of the whole vehicle is 435kwh. The automatic power battery thermal management system, which is the first in the industry, is equipped to control the battery cell temperature within the best range to ensure the operation quality of the whole life cycle of the vehicle

it is urgent to control diesel vehicle pollution.

the era of comprehensive electrification of dredger trucks has come.

nowadays, motor vehicle emissions have become an important source of air pollution in China, and diesel vehicles are the top priority of motor vehicle pollution prevention and control. Nationwide, diesel trucks, which account for 7.8% of motor vehicle ownership, emit 57.3% of nitrogen oxides and 77.8% of PM; In Shenzhen, diesel trucks, which account for 10.6%, contribute as much as 90% of nitrogen oxides and 87% of PM. At the time of the full electrification of public transport and taxis in Shenzhen, it is urgent to solve the pollution problem of diesel vehicles, especially the sludge vehicles with the highest emissions among diesel vehicles. In addition, the old-fashioned traditional dump truck also has problems such as high noise, easy leakage, easy overspeed, easy overload, and frequent traffic accidents, which is a difficult problem for industry development and a pain point for urban development. Vigorously promoting the electrification of dredger trucks will not only help fight against pollution, but also break the bottleneck of the development of the residue transportation industry and bring new opportunities

2018, Shenzhen put forward the goal of reducing the average annual concentration of PM2.5 to 26 micrograms/cubic meter, and issued the "Shenzhen Blue" sustainable action plan, implementing "ten major projects" such as the electrification of urban logistics, the transformation of diesel vehicles, and green construction. At the same time, according to the three-year action plan for winning the blue sky defense war issued by the State Council, the Pearl River Delta region will implement the national 6 emission standard in advance from July 1, 2019, which means that the elimination and updating of traditional fuel dump trucks will be further accelerated. It is of great practical significance for the promotion of dredger trucks in Shenzhen to reach the goal in one step and directly enter the era of zero emission. If about 13000 dump trucks in the city can be electrified, 500million liters of fuel will be saved a year, 1.2 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions will be reduced, and 25000 tons of carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide and carbon hydride emissions will be reduced

as an enterprise with a high sense of mission, BYD has applied new energy technology to the field of heavy dump trucks for the first time, helping Shenzhen lead the transformation of the global new energy heavy truck industry, providing a "Shenzhen demonstration" for the whole country, and creating a "new global city that has experienced the development and changes of internal insulation, sandwich insulation and external insulation". In the future, driven by the large-scale demonstration operation of the first batch of pure electric dredgers in the world, the charging points in each district will be further increased, the exclusive right of way for pure electric dredgers will be liberalized, and the era of full electrification of dredgers is accelerating

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