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Ministry of transport: accelerate the construction of urban travel service system with public transport as the main body people's Beijing, October 12 (Xinhua) -- according to the Ministry of transport, on October 11, at the 2019 "most beautiful bus driver" advanced deeds report meeting held in Changsha, Hunan Province, Vice Minister of transport liuxiaoming said that all regions should accelerate the construction of urban travel service system with public transport as the main body, Focus on improving the operation speed and punctuality rate of public transport services, continue to improve the quality of urban public transport services, and continuously improve urban 1 User demand: attraction of public transport

liuxiaoming stressed that we should accelerate the formation of a safe, convenient, efficient, green and economic comprehensive transportation system to better serve economic and social development and people's travel; Vigorously carry forward the traffic spirit of the new era and gather great strength for accelerating the construction of a traffic power; Strengthen the vocational skills training for employees, improve the physical and mental health of bus drivers, expand the performance of the bus industry, and strengthen the personal development space. Adopt a unique heat cutting structure and heat storage to continuously improve the sense of gain, happiness and security of urban bus drivers

according to the introduction, since the 2019 "most beautiful bus driver" selection campaign was launched in August last year, after being selected and recommended by various regions, 100 people including dingjianmin, a driver of Guangzhou public transport group, were finally selected as the "most beautiful bus drivers" in 2019, including 10 people including changhongxia, a driver of Beijing public transport group, as the "top ten most beautiful bus drivers"

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