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The development momentum of China's wood-based panel industry is very strong. In the past, the development mode of our wood-based panel enterprises was "large output", but now what is more needed is "good quality"

the development momentum of China's wood-based panel industry is very strong. In the past, the development mode of our wood-based panel enterprises was "large output", but now what is more needed is "good quality". With the continuous development and upgrading of the industry, the survival of the fittest is the only way for the development of China's wood-based panel industry

baidibao, one of the top ten brands in China's wood-based panel industry, some thoughts on the development of China's wood-based panel Enterprises:

1. Setting up a benchmark enterprise and establishing an industry leading brand is the embodiment of the wood-based panel industry from weak to strong

the higher stage of industrial development is to create its own brand. Whether it is the domestic market or the international market, it needs the support of the brand. Having its own brand is the symbol of the success of enterprises in the international market. Many enterprises in the wood-based panel industry have set foot in the international market, but few enterprises with internationally renowned brands. Therefore, we can only say that China's wood-based panel industry has been in line with the international market, but we can't say that it enjoys international reputation

2. Certification is a powerful embodiment of the core competitiveness of enterprises

many enterprises believe that as long as the product quality is good, they can win the market. However, now is an era of information explosion, relying on word-of-mouth to do the market is no longer appropriate. Third party certification is the simplest, direct and effective way for enterprises to expand their influence

3. The progressiveness of standards is the touchstone of industrial upgrading

if the industry wants to develop, the standard must go first. The advanced degree of the standard can often represent the development stage of the industry. The renewal of standards takes about five years, which shows that the speed of industrial development is extremely fast. When the original standards cannot meet or meet the needs of the development of new productivity, they will inevitably be replaced. When we learn from foreign advanced technology, we must master foreign advanced standards

4, "green, healthy and environmental protection" is the eternal theme of the development of wood-based panel industry

after several rounds of replacement, the wood-based panel industry has been developing in the direction of "green, healthy and environmental protection", which is not only the needs of consumers, but also the necessity of industrial development. Nowadays, enterprises not only pay attention to environmental protection, but also aim at the medium and high-end markets such as "aldehyde free and low aldehyde". Enterprises attach reliable quality labels to their products, and consumers will no longer talk about "aldehyde" discoloration

5. Quality is the life of an enterprise

no matter the survival and development of enterprises, or the establishment of brands and the promotion of products, they are inseparable from the word "quality". Quality is the lifeblood of enterprises and the chip for enterprises to go to the international market. More and more enterprises no longer win by quantity, but by quality. Chinese enterprises rely on quality to open the U.S. market, enter the EU market still rely on quality, and now set foot in the Japanese market still rely on quality. In short, if China's wood-based panel industry wants to win the respect of the world, it must rely on quality


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