Purchasing knowledge of plastic steel doors and wi

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Purchasing knowledge of plastic steel doors and windows

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as soon as the rainy season comes, the old doors and windows do not have drainage function, which brings inconvenience to many families. The new plastic steel window has staggered the drainage channel and the air pressure balance hole, which can avoid the direct entry of cold wind and dust, and the drainage hole is equipped with a closed cover, which can prevent rainwater from flowing into the room from the hole

windows play a key role in lighting, ventilation and heat preservation, and their quality cannot be ignored. At present, there are three types of plastic steel windows on the market: flat opening, hanging on, pushing and pulling. In terms of price, the price of sliding window with screen window is relatively low, with the lowest price of about 300 yuan per square meter; Due to the complexity of accessories and installation, the price of upper hanging window is the most expensive, and the imported brand is about 1000 yuan. In terms of color, in addition to ordinary white and brown, colored windows are not uncommon in the market. Some mapping windows bring more personality space to buyers

in addition, high-quality plastic steel doors and windows use excellent flame-retardant materials, which do not support combustion and can self extinguish in case of fire; In addition, its interior is a closed multi cavity hollow structure, which can reduce the noise by about 30 dB; The gaps of doors and windows are equipped with soft PVC sealing strips, which are airtight and airtight when closed tightly. It is understood that the service life of good plastic steel doors and windows can reach 30 years

purchase guidance: distinguish the advantages and disadvantages in details

you must buy plastic steel windows in the formal building materials market. Now the prices of plastic steel windows sold in the market are very different. The double-layer glass plastic steel windows produced by small processing plants sell for only more than 200 yuan. They can also be measured at home and installed free of charge. In the formal market, the average casement window with double-layer glass is about 400 yuan per square meter, and the casement window with some insulating glass, plus the cost of screen windows, is more than 1000 yuan per square meter. Among them, the technical content varies greatly. The processing equipment of roadside stalls is simple, the accuracy and strength of doors and windows cannot be guaranteed at all, and the quality of profile lining steel is poor, even without lining steel, and other accessories are also poor. The regular brand plastic steel windows in the regular building materials market are more guaranteed in terms of profile quality

at present, most plastic steel windows on the market are assembled windows, so it is necessary to distinguish the quality of doors and windows from the fine when purchasing. The appearance color of plastic steel doors and windows should be cyan white. If the color is too white or gray, it indicates that the stable components in the material are not enough, and it is easy to age and turn yellow over time; Check whether the hardware is flexible and smooth; Auxiliary materials such as battens and seals of plastic steel doors and windows should be matched with the main profile; The cavity structure of plastic steel window determines its heat preservation and sound insulation effect; The drainage channel and the air pressure balance hole are processed in a staggered position to avoid the direct entry of cold wind and dust. The drainage hole of the plastic steel window with relatively tight assembly is equipped with a closed cover, which can prevent rainwater from flowing into the room from the hole; The lower part of the sliding window frame shall be equipped with aluminum slide rail to facilitate its replacement. Generally, double pulley is better than single pulley. Because the service life of the sealing strip is shorter than that of the form; There should be a fixed piece in the middle of the sealing wool of the sliding window sash, which is the key to the sealing performance of the sliding window

during decoration, as the process of removing windows will damage the internal and external walls, it is best to replace the doors and windows first, and then carry out the next decoration

before installing the plastic steel window, it is necessary to determine whether the window is open inward or outward. As the plastic steel window needs to be perforated for fixation during installation, it is impossible to reinstall it once the installation is completed. Therefore, you must consider carefully before installing. During installation, the horizontal and vertical correction of doors and windows shall be supervised. The window frame and the wall shall be filled with styrofoam, and the inner and outer sides of the window frame must be sealed with silicon copper glue to prevent water seepage. After installation, the protective film must be removed, otherwise the service life of doors and windows will be reduced





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